Supercuts Franchisee Association


SFA Over the Years

1985 – The SFA was formed to facilitate communication and to provide a unified voice for Supercuts franchisees.

1987 – The SFA sued the franchisor over issues regarding the  auditing of the 5% fund. The following were direct or  indirect results of the suit:

• The founders decided to sell the company
• The new owners, wanting to complete the sale, entered into a settlement agreement with the SFA
• Corporate agreed to pay into the 5% for all Corporate stores
• Corporate agreed to allocate local funds to the markets that had paid them
• Corporate agreed to eliminate all 5% advertising fees on product sales
• Corporate agreed to the formulation of the Supercuts Council

1990 – Franchisees gained specific rights through the expansion policy agreement.

1996 – Regis acquired Supercuts, giving franchisees a unique opportunity to renegotiate agreements. The new Working Together Relationship & Agreement and the Revision and  Creation of Requirements for Rewrite were created.

1997 – New royalty rate of 6% for all new salons went into effect.

2005 – Franchise Agreement and Revision and Creation of Requirements for Rewrite were changed to include the following:

• Anniversary fees were reduced and paid over a 5- year period instead of lump sum.
• Marketing Fee of 2% every 10 years was deleted.
• The corporate right to raise royalties was eliminated.
• The corporate right to raise the cost of hairstylist training without restriction was changed to a simple formula

2020 – SFA cancels March 2020 annual conference and supports  members through the pandemic by providing a continuous  stream of information and webinars on government relief  programs, new and changing legislation, and best practices  for local and national health and wellness compliance. Additionally, SFA Board passes a motion to require no dues  payment for 2020.

2021 – SFA works to mitigate the challenges to franchisees from  ongoing pandemic, new corporate leadership and changes  to technology, marketing, product suppliers and training.

2022 – Gary Grace steps down as president of the Board of SFA after 25 years in this role and continues his 35 years of Board service as Immediate Past President.  Long-time Board Officer Gary Robins is appointed president.  In-person conferences resume with April event in Dallas, Texas.

2023 – Regis recognizes that the SFA member-elected Board of Directors becomes the primary representative body of the franchisees.  The SFA Board is appointed to the Council, meeting regularly with corporate leadership and operational executives.