Supercuts Franchisee Association

What is the Supercuts Franchisee Association?

Representing over 100 franchise owners across the U.S.


The Supercuts Franchisee Association’s mission is to facilitate franchisee collaboration and development that will strengthen and increase the value of our investments in the Supercuts® brand.


Focus Areas

The singular voice and staunch advocate of all Supercuts franchisees.

Frequent engagement with the franchisor on areas of interest including unit profitability, technology, marketing, education, brand standards and more.

The brain trust of Supercuts history and best practices.

An active group dedicated to supporting each other through networking and educational opportunities.

Supported by member dues and sponsorships from the vendor community.

Dedicated to supporting franchisees by seeking out new corporate partners and products and negotiating benefits for members.


Working Together Agreements

Unique to the franchising industry, the Working Together Agreement outlines the principles and guidelines for a cooperative agreement between Supercuts, Inc .and its franchisees.

The agreement emphasizes mutual trust, collaboration, and a commitment to improving the long-term success of Supercuts. Both the franchisor and franchisees are independent entities working together with shared goals. They aim to enhance business sustainability and growth while maintaining operational standards. An Executive Council and Charter facilitate communication and decision-making between the parties.

Members can find the complete documents on Teams.

Council Meetings

The Council consists of franchisee and corporate representatives who discuss significant matters including recruitment and retention, expansion, new products and services, shop design, education, brand standards and marketing/advertising. If disagreements arise, a mediation process is in place to ensure alignment and protect the interests of both parties.

The Council meets monthly either in person or by conference call with representatives of Regis Corporation, including the Regis CEO, COO and other executive management to address issues of importance to the operations and profitability of the Supercuts salons.


SFA Over the Years

1985 – The SFA was formed to facilitate communication and to provide a unified voice for Supercuts franchisees.

1987 – The SFA sued the franchisor over issues regarding the  auditing of the 5% fund. The following were direct or  indirect results of the suit:

• The founders decided to sell the company
• The new owners, wanting to complete the sale, entered into a settlement agreement with the SFA
• Corporate agreed to pay into the 5% for all Corporate stores
• Corporate agreed to allocate local funds to the markets that had paid them
• Corporate agreed to eliminate all 5% advertising fees on product sales
• Corporate agreed to the formulation of the Supercuts Council

1990 – Franchisees gained specific rights through the expansion policy agreement.

1996 – Regis acquired Supercuts, giving franchisees a unique opportunity to renegotiate agreements. The new Working Together Relationship & Agreement and the Revision and  Creation of Requirements for Rewrite were created.

1997 – New royalty rate of 6% for all new salons went into effect.

2005 – Franchise Agreement and Revision and Creation of Requirements for Rewrite were changed to include the following:

• Anniversary fees were reduced and paid over a 5- year period instead of lump sum.
• Marketing Fee of 2% every 10 years was deleted.
• The corporate right to raise royalties was eliminated.
• The corporate right to raise the cost of hairstylist training without restriction was changed to a simple formula

2020 – SFA cancels March 2020 annual conference and supports  members through the pandemic by providing a continuous  stream of information and webinars on government relief  programs, new and changing legislation, and best practices  for local and national health and wellness compliance. Additionally, SFA Board passes a motion to require no dues  payment for 2020.

2021 – SFA works to mitigate the challenges to franchisees from  ongoing pandemic, new corporate leadership and changes  to technology, marketing, product suppliers and training.

2022 – Gary Grace steps down as president of the Board of SFA after 25 years in this role and continues his 35 years of Board service as Immediate Past President.  Long-time Board Officer Gary Robins is appointed president.  In-person conferences resume with April event in Dallas, Texas.

2023 Regis recognizes the SFA member-elected Board of Directors as the primary representative body of the franchisees. The SFA Board is appointed to the Council, meeting regularly with corporate leadership and operational executives. Regis Corp. agrees to cancel its annual conference and instead sponsors the SFA conference in exchange for speaking time.

2024The SFA conference is held in Scottsdale, AZ with record attendance, keynote speaker customer service guru John DiJulius, and newly-added small group breakout sessions.

The Board of Directors votes to change the cadence of conferences rom annually to every 15-18 months.  The next SFA conference is scheduled for Fall 2025.

Meet the Board

2023 Board of Directors

Gary Robins


Mark Muscatello

Vice President

Bob Jerome

Secretary & Treasurer

Gary Grace

Immediate Past President

Mike Sarafa

Franchisee Representative, 20+ Shops

Todd Rogers

Franchisee Representative, 7-19 Shops

Jared Hepworth

Western Region Franchisee Representative

Debra Pesnell

Central Region Franchisee Representative

Neal Habas

Eastern Region Franchisee Representative

Dennis Bloss

Franchisee Representative, 7-19 Shops

Srikant Dash

Franchisee Representative, 1-6 Shops

Marlo Bradley

Franchisee Representative, 1-6 Shops

The Board of Directors includes an Executive Board as well as directors who are elected by number of shops and geographical region:

Executive Board
President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer
Immediate Past President
1-6 shop group - 2 Directors
7-19 shop group - 2 Directors
20+ shop group - 1 Director
Western region - 1 Director
Eastern region - 1 Director
Central region - 1 Director


Benefits of Membership

Member-to-member operational guidance and advice, free legal counsel, proprietary health and business insurance programs and much more, SFA’s member benefits provide a clear return of investment.


SFA, through its elected board, solicits and communicates to our franchisor the membership’s views on critical matters such as education, technology and advertising.


The Annual Conference and virtual forums throughout the year provide opportunities for members to network with one another as well as industry leaders and suppliers.


SFA members get access to a network of legal, accounting, retirement and insurance professionals who know our industry.

The SFA franchisee community represents over 1,100 salons and has hundreds of years of collective experience dealing with many of the same challenges you are facing in your own salons.

SFA members are eager to help fellow Supercuts owners avoid the mistakes they made and learn from their successes.

Tap into SFA’s collective wisdom.  Join today and begin to utilize all of the connections, best practices and resources available to you.

Dues Structure

SFA annual dues are $150 per salon, up to a cap of $7,500 per year.

Units with less than $16,000 in revenues for December of the previous year are eligible for a $50 discount to $100 per store.

Joining the SFA is Easy

1. Click Join The SFA below to get started.
2. Share some basic information and press Send.
3. You will be contacted by SFA’s Membership team within 72 hours to process your application.
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Annual Conference

2024 SFA Annual Conference in Scottsdale

One of the most appreciated member benefits is the opportunity to attend the SFA Annual Conference. Each year, hundreds of Supercuts franchisees, managers and vendors gather to network, share best practices, learn about new products and services, hear updates from corporate, listen to expert keynote speakers, obtain actionable insights and have some fun, too. 


News You Can Use is a monthly newsletter, featuring a letter from the SFA President and timely updates on the brand, competitors, operations, and general business topics.

SFA membership also provides access to educational webinars.

SFA membership also provides access to periodic virtual Town Hall meetings. Town Halls allow the Board to provide updates on their dealings with the franchisor and provide an opportunity for members to ask questions.

SFA is a member of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations, which advocates on behalf of franchisees.  SFA members receive periodic bulletins on legislative matters and opportunities to participate in both virtual and in-person meetings with government leaders including the annual “Day on the Hill” in Washington, DC.


Accessing the Teams Platform

Community interaction is greatly valued among SFA members, and SFA supports this through its closed Microsoft Teams community platform.

In 2021, SFA upgraded its private online community to the Microsoft Teams platform. Teams is a resource for members to find and share important documents and data, and to connect with one another, ask and answer questions, and share information. Separate discussion groups are available covering topics such as Education, Marketing, Recruiting, Finance, Real Estate, Technology and more.

During a typical 90-day period, there are just under 500 member interactions on Teams.

If you have senior leaders or partners that you would like to provide Teams access to (GMs, Directors, etc.), please complete separate requests for them.


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Board Council

Vendor Partners

2024 SFA Sponsors

Would you like to reach over 100 Supercuts franchisees?

Take advantage of the advertising and partnership opportunities the SFA has to offer through an associate membership and sponsorships. Enjoy the benefits and privileges designed to make your connection to the Supercuts franchisee community more rewarding.

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